It’s Christmas Time in the City

Christmas set-up at my families house was never exactly a “fun” experience. My mom is a perfectionist and my dad is what you would call an Eeyore. The tree that my parents have is from the early 90’s and you have to stick every branch into the truck of the tree instead of the new trees that just fold out all at once mostly set-up and maybe even pre-strung with lights. Anyways, its was always a 3-4-hour process and mom might not even let us touch some of the ornaments, so like a said not fun. My mother normally bought her decorations at fancy stores like Silks a Bloom, and Dillards. On the other hand, the Hollaway family LOVES set-up for Christmas and continues to do it together even after some of them have moved away. They have two trees, a kid friendly tree and a fancy tree for the window. It’s also a pretty speedy process because they are ten people helping decorate and there is no rhyme or reason to how the ornaments are to be put on. Most of their ornaments have some sentimental value more than monetary value. For instance, they have ornaments from each child’s pre-school days, vacations, baby photos, and a few just fun or delicate ones. While they set up they play Christmas music and eat leftovers from Thanksgiving. They past two years I had the privilege to just be able to sit back and watch them have fun.

After watching the Hollaway family having some much fun setting up for Christmas this year, Ben and I decided we wanted to set-up our little house for Christmas as well. So, we bought a $30 Black Friday deal tree from Target and gathered the Christmas décor I had been given as part of my wedding gift and we headed home. Ben set-up the tree and I baked chocolate chip cookies and poured champagne. After this I walked into the din to discover that our $30 tree was pre-lit with multicolor lights. So, Ben graciously went to the store got white lights and then came home and we unlit a pre-lit tree and then relit it! It was all worth it. We put all our pretty ornaments on the tree and stuck our awkwardly large angle on top. While we decorated we listened to a Spotify Christmas playlist and watched White Christmas. All around a wonderful evening full of laughter, smiles, and Christmas cheer.

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