Thanksgiving Festivities

This year is the first time Ben and I have had to figure out how to work around family holidays. Basically, we have worked it out that one year we will be with one family on thanksgiving and one family on Christmas. This is all good in theory, but it is hard not being with you family on a holiday. Anyways, we worked through that and had Thanksgiving lunch with my family. I got to help cook deserts and casseroles. We enjoyed time with my extended family. After lunch, cleanup and relaxing we headed over to Ben’s family’s house for left overs and chatting until it was time to start Black Friday Shopping. The first place we hit was the Outlets of Little Rock where we shopped at the Lucky Brand store, Express, Nike, J.Jill, Gap, Sketchers, and Old Navy. Although the parking lot was packed out the outlets themselves did not feel particularly crazy. I guess it was because everyone could spread out across many stores. After the outlets we headed to Walmart. Once at Walmart, my brother-in-laws girlfriend found out her sister was in labor. So my brother-in-law took her to the hospital to be there for her sister while the rest of us wondered around Walmart looking at all the interesting things at Walmart at 1am. After Walmart, we all headed back to the Hollaway house to get a few hours of sleep before the shopping started again. We got back on the road at 6am and went to Target and the Park Plaza Mall. After we were done at those two stores we went to my sister-in-laws apartment which is in the Target parking lot to have brunch. After bunch we headed back to the mall to get one more gift and then went to the Promenade at Chenal and Pet’s Smart. After all this shopping we went back to the Hollaway’s for a power nap and decorating their Christmas trees. All in all a wild, but wonderful 48 hours.

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