Fort Smith?

Well I never thought that Fort Smith Arkansas would be an option for me as a place to live until now. Last summer Ben had the opportunity to work for a trucking company, that is based out of Fort Smith, as an annalist intern. He ended up loving the internship and decided that he would at least consider a job offer if one was presented to him. However, thought the internship he did show any interest in living in Fort Smith and I had never been there and had high hopes to move to a big city like Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Charlotte, or Charleston. Ben knew that the company was considering him for a full-time position so we decided to have a date night in Fort Smith. We went to Bricktown Brewery and had specialty burgers and beer. My burger was called the breakfast burger and I would highly recommend it. The burger came stacked with hash browns, fried egg, bacon, burger patty, a chipolata sauce, and bun. Ben had a bacon ranch burger. After dinner Ben drove me around Fort Smith. He showed me neighborhoods that are close to the office he would be working at, shopping options, and the companies building. Lastly, we stopped at an ice cream parlor for a desert on the way home. We ended up liking the town far more than we had anticipated. We thought the town had a safe and welcoming feel and was full of young married couples much like ourselves. We were greatly encouraged by our visit and when the offer came a week later we were very excited. Although we still are looking in larger cities to compare our options Fort Smith has made it on our top three list. We have until mid December to decide where we will end up. Pray God gives us clear direction on where to go. We want to be somewhere that we can both have a career that we love as well as a place that we can be used for the Kingdom of God.

P.S. There is an event company out of Springdale Arkansas which is about forty-five minutes away from Fort Smith that I am interested in working for called KFB Events. Hoping a door opens up for me in the event world.


Bricktown Brewery:

KFB Events:



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