Wedding Planning

I want to become a wedding planner. I am not 100% confident when it became clear that this was the path I wanted, but it was sometime during my sophomore and junior year of college. Growing up my mother and grandmother planned and hosted amazing events. This was never either of their careers. It was just something they did because they loved it. Looking back now, I grew up in a world of sparkling lights, pretty plates, customized napkins, and of course outstanding food. However, it wasn’t until my senior of high school that I had an opportunity to participate in helping with a large scale event. I worked a wedding for the wedding planner Mary Lewis. Since then I have worked almost every event that I have been given the opportunity to work. I guess I just never realized I could do my passion as a career. So I started college as a Speech Communication major and soon after added another major in Public Relations. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy and find both of those areas interesting, but I do not want my career to be primarily either of these things. I want to be able to use the things I have learned to set me apart from other event planners. At the beginning of the my sophomore year the idea of becoming an event planner took root in me. So I met with Rachel Haynes, an event planner in Little Rock, so see what her thoughts on the career were and if she felt as though it would be a good fit for me. She recommend that I might be a good corporate event planner. She said this because weddings are very challenging because you have to work with women and they have extreme expectations for the event. Through this meeting, Rachel helped get me an internship with the Capital Hotel. During the internship I was allowed to help with all kinds of events. I helped with breakfasts, luncheons, desert parties, and yes weddings. I really loved them all, but I loved weddings the most. Once I got engaged I started helping Andrea Goodwin, owner of Goodwin Manor event site, with hosting weddings. My passion for event planning and weddings has continued to grow. As of yesterday I have added a Hospitality Administration minor to my education. I can not wait to see what the Lord does with my passion for events.

Link to Rachel Haynes Events website:

Link to the Captial Hotel website:

Link to Goodwin Manor website:

Bridesmaid dress shopping 

Wedding hosting at Goodwin Manor with my mother. 

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