Fall Break part 2

After Ben and I left Ashville and the conference behind headed to the northern Atlanta area. We stayed in Buford with Ben’s aunt and uncle. Our overall goal for this entire trip was to see if there were any places that we felt like we could live and thrive in after college. So Ben’s aunt and uncle gave us the grand tour. They took us to a hip restaurant called Rico’s. The food and service was wonderful and it was a delightful experience. After dinner they took us to Suwanne town center where we visited a candy shop, cupcake parlor, and a doggy boutique. I loved it. the area was full of young families, activities, and wonderful food. The area also seemed very dog friendly which is very important for a girl who loves taking her dog everywhere she goes. The next day we went shopping and had breakfast at local coffee and pancake house. I had a fabulous stuffed french toast. We then said our goodbyes and got back on the road in route to Columbia South Carolina where we stopped to go to the Thomas Rhett concert. It was a great concert and was held in an area much safer and more inviting than the Verizon Arena. After the concert we drove all the way to Winston-Salem North Carolina where Ben’s grandparents live. The next day we went to lunch at a fancy restaurant with his grandparents. After lunch Ben had an interview with BB&T, a banking company, and I went shopping with Ben’s grandmother. We all met back up at dinner were we had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Gary Chapmen the author of The Five Love Languages. He encouraged us in our marriage, gave us advice on how to keep our marriage on the “front burner” and answered some questions we had about his work. After dinner Ben’s grandparents took us to a local bakery named Dewey’s for desert. We then headed back to their house for the night. The next day we had breakfast with the family and did a short tour of the town. After that we came back to the house loaded up and started our long journey back to Little Rock. It was an exciting, adventures, whirlwind trip and I would change it for the world.

Link to Thomas Rhett’s website: http://www.thomasrhett.com/

Link to Gary Chapmen’s Website:  http://www.5lovelanguages.com/gary-chapman/

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