Fall Break Trip part 1

This past week my husband and I traveled along the eastern region of the United States. About a mouth ago our church’s worship leader came to my husband with a proposition. We were presented with the opportunity to travel to Ashville North Carolina for a conference and help lead worship. The conference was held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center. The conference was put on by the Accord Network. This is a network of faith based organizations that meet once a year to discuss new technology for the mission field, network with others, deeper there relationship with Christ, and discuss issues and trends within their organizations. Ben and I truly enjoyed the experience. We not only got to visit a part of the country we had never been before for FREE, but we also had the pleasure of networking with people from organizations we have learned about all of our lives. For example, we met people from Food for the Hungry, Hope International, Living Water, Trans Radio, Wheaton University, and many others. Our arrived late Sunday night and had breakfast at Biscuit Head Monday morning. If you are ever in the the North Carolina area make sure you stop at biscuit head! It has specialty biscuit toppings and jams. I liked it so much I bought myself and my mother two of their specialty jams. That evening our band played their first set and I ran the AV computer in the back. We mingled had dinner and then went to Walmart to pick up a few things we forgot at home. The next day we woke up and got breakfast at the retreat center’s coffee shop. All of our snacks and meals were provided by the conference we are helping with. We then had our morning session, breakout session, lunch and after lunch session. After this Ben and I went to check out the commercial shopping. We visited the mall and Barnes and Nobles as well as doing a short car tour around the town. Then we headed back for dinner and the evening session. The next day we had a very similar schedule, but instead of going commercial shopping we went downtown to check out the culture and the boutiques. We found a wonderful like chocolate shop and tried out some infused chocolates. We then wondered around and stopped at an organic skin care shop, where I purchased some facial toner. That evening the conference served hors d’oeuvres that turned out to be very tasty. After dinner we all set and talked in the coffee shop until bedtime. On Thursday we woke up had our morning session and then packed up our equipment and said our goodbyes to our hosts and our other band members. If you want to know where Ben and I went next stay tuned.

Link to the Accord Network website: http://www.accordnetwork.org/

Link to the Biscuit Head website: http://www.biscuitheads.com/


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