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Cruise Part 2

On day two of our adventures, we started off the day by celebrating Father’s Day and Ben’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Grandfather Kinney reserved a private room for us to celebrate. We went around the circle and shared something we loved about our dads. My in-laws gave a short testament to the love and faithfulness that has been displayed by the Kinney’s marriage and then we parted ways. Ben and I went to the pool deck and laid out. We also watched my in-laws dance with the with the cruise director. We went to Guy’s Burgers for lunch. If you haven’t ever been to a Guy’s Burgers you are missing out! They have amazing seasoning and a very taste special sauce. I think my brother in-law, Andrew, at at least fifteen burgers throughout our week long trip. We went to dinner and enjoyed a wonderful meal at the grandparent table and the grandparents allowed us to share their special anniversary cake for good luck in our own marriage. On day three we arrived at Amber Cover, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Most of the boys went on an ATV excursion around the island. They had fun and their one wish was that they could have had more rest time at the secluded beach they stopped at mid-excursion. The area where the boat was docked was owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Line so it was very tourists oriented, which had it perks, but you did not get to experience what the lives of locals really looked like. For the afternoon the family took advantage of the pool the port offered. We laid out as well as relaxed in the pool. Once we got tired of the sun and the heat we went back to boat were we had a late lunch and then started the process of getting ready for dinner. To hear more about our trip tune in next week!

Amber Cover:

Guy’s Burgers:

The Kinney’s enjoying their anniversary.

View of Amber Cover



About two weeks after Ben I arrived home from our honeymoon in St. Lucia we left for a cruise with his side of the family. Right before Ben and I got engaged in August, Ben’s grandparents planned a family cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Ben and I really wanted to be apart of this vacation and celebration of marriage. So we planned our wedding and honeymoon around the trip. Ben’s parents even paid our way as part of our wedding gift. On June 19th we met the Hollaway family in Little Rock, we loaded up and processed to drive through the night to Coco Beach in a twelve passenger van. Just to clarify, that was the WORST part of the trip. Tight spaces in a van that has little to no air conditions and eleven other people is an emotionally taxing experience. On June 21st all twenty-six members of the Hollaway Family Vacation loaded the Carnival Magic. Ben and I found our interior room and settled in. The best part of this room was that absolutely no light when the lights were off. This made it easy to nap in the middle of the day. After we were settled we met the family for lunch in the boats Italian restaurant. Once the boat left port we explored the ship and went to the “deck party.” This party mostly consisted of middle age couples in swim suites doing line dances. Yes, my father and  mother in-law took part and even won a prize for their line dancing skills. After recovering from embarrassment, Ben and I got ready for the first formal dinner on the ship. When we got to the dinning room we realized we had been assigned to sit with Ben’s grandparent’s and their family friends and not with our immediate family. You see, the biggest table the ship had was for ten. This is fine for normal sized families, but when you marry into a family of ten it becomes a problem. So we decided to make the best of chatting to experienced married couples. The food was of course amazing. For an appetizer I ordered strawberry basil soup, which turned out to be a smoothie in a soup bowl. After dinner we went to show put on by the ships cast and then headed to bed. To hear more about the Hollaway Family Vaca stay tuned.

Coco Beach, Florida information website:

Carnival Cruise line website:

Formal Night

Guests bringing their allowed snacks onto the ship. 



St. Lucia Part 2

I know you have all been eagerly awaiting to hear about days 4-7 of my honeymoon to St. Lucia. Well the wait is over! Here we go. Day 4 went like this: at around 10am we received a call from the concierge informing us that if we would like we could be upgraded to a nicer room. They told us that if we were interested we could take a look at it at 11am and then make a decision. The room we had been in was one large room with a average size bathroom and had an amazing overlooking view of the beach. The view was worth its weight in gold, but the room itself was lacking. So we decided to go check out the other room. The new room was in an apartment style building. When we walked in we fell in love! You walk into a modern style living room which held a couch, tv, bar, and sliding glass doors that lead to the patio. To the right of this room was the bed room which had a beautiful bed, a large window, tv and large closet. The bathroom, which was open to the bedroom, had a beautiful modern sink, tube and rain shower. The sink was two different depths. This was nice because you could use half the sink for a countertop. The best part of the new room was the patio. The patio opened up on the ground floor of the complex. It had a pretty view of roof tops and the ocean. The patio had a basket weave table and an large outdoor tube! The patio also had thick curtaint that enclosed the space for privacy. It was so relaxing and you felt like a millionaire. So obviously we took the upgrade and spent the remainder of our trip in the new room. Ben and I remarked towards the end of the trip that it was like two different vacations since we had two different rooms. For the rest of the day we relaxed by the pool, drank cocktails, and ate dinner at Neptunes for dinner. The food was good and we had a lovely view of the waves crashing on the shore from our dock seats. On day 5 we woke up and ordered room service. I love breakfast food so this was always one of my favorite parts of the day. Then we went to pool and relaxed for the day. We went and got ready for our fancy dinner at the onsite Japanese restaurant. We arrived and were served their specialty cocktail. We were seated with 4 other couples. We had lovely conversation over travel, our stay, and our home states. Ben and I were by far the youngest couple at the resort and the cook noted this by nick-naming us “Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez.” The next day was the best day of the trip. We went on an speed boat tour, but it was so much more. We started the day on the speed boat tour and then stoped and went to the bottom of a volcano and had a mud bath, then headed to a waterfall to wash off. After the waterfall, we went to a local restaurant and had a fabulous lunch. On the way back to the resort we stopped and went snorkling. We had so much fun and it is a memory we will cherish forever. After we got back we went to the La Toc restaurant, which did not disappoint. The next day we slept in and had room service. Then we packed up and went home. It was all I could have ever asked for.

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