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Multimedia In-Class Assignment

Morgue in Texas close to capacity:

I felt like this story really captured the heart break Texas is feeling as a result of the flooding from hurricane Harvey. The photo they used of a women crying sends the message of pain an agony related to the storm. The video of water almost covering cars in an apartment complex reminds readers how serious the flooding has become. Finally, the authors words send a pang of unbelief of the implications the death toll has taken on the area. “Thursday that funeral homes have been unable to retrieve the bodies in the aftermath of the storm and it has asked for a large refrigerated 18-wheeler to store more of them.” – AP News

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s Death

This article captured the sadness that still lingers over the death of a royal twenty years after her dearth. The pictures show how much people loved and admired her. The video shows that her sons still miss her and loved her dearly. Lastly, the words express the place of honor we all still hold for the beloved Princess. She was and always will be “The People’s Princess.” -AP News

North Korea is attempting to make testing missiles a normal affair

I think the author of this article successfully expressed the idea that North Korea is trying to making testing missiles a normal thing. I admired the cover photo that was a picture of Japanese individuals watching the news story capturing the latest test launch. The picture made it seem like they were watching everyday news. The video showed the missile and reminded me of War World II videos. And of course the words described a looming fear that revolves around these continuing testings. “Kim is clearly seeking a real nuclear deterrent against the United States and likely believes that will strengthen his negotiating position when North Korea returns to talks. And if it does, North Korea will likely demand a halt of the U.S.-South Korean drills and perhaps the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula in any talks involving a moratorium on its missile launches, said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea expert from Seoul’s Dongguk University.” – AB News

St. Lucia

On May 30, 2017 Ben and I left for our honeymoon after staying the night at the Capital Hotel. We got up at 3 a.m. for our 6 a.m. flight out of Little Rock. We had a layover in Atlanta and then got on a plane for St. Lucia. Once we finally arrived we were greeted by friendly faces and a tiny airport. We stayed at the La Toc Sandals resort located on the bay of the Island. Although the Island is only twenty-three miles long, the roads are winedy and it took us an hour to get from the airport to the resort. The best way I have found to describe the roads, is to compare it to if you were to drive up and down Mount Nebo for an hour. Needless to say, I did not feel great after the ride. Lucky for me, the resort’s employees were wonderful and laid a cool, lavender scented towel over face until I felt better. Once checked in, our concierge drove us up to our suite over looking the bay. It was beautiful and relaxing. The resort is all-inclusive and boasts of nine onsite restaurants. The first night we tried out the Italian restaurant. The next day we relaxed by the pool and had a photo shot by the beach. That night we went to a restaurant called The Pitons. The Pitons are to mountains the Island is known for. The restaurant was not only appealing for serving only fresh local cuisine, but also for the unique restaurant design. It is an open air restaurant with “Piton” shaped roofs that are wood shingled. On the third day we went zip-lining through the St. Lucia jungle. It was an amazing experience. I saw the most beautiful flowers in the jungle. During this experience I found my new favorite flower that grows on a tree named frangipani. The cool thing about this flower is when the sun sets the flowers send off a wonderful perfume scent. I will discuss days 4-7 in next weeks blogs. So stay tuned!
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On May 29, 2017 I got married to Ben Hollaway. I had planned for this day for months. I stressed over flowers, wedding planners, and dress fittings. Finally, the day came. My entourage arrived at Goodwin Manor early to start getting ready. I had purchased each bridesmaid a periwinkle robe to match my primary flower, hydrangeas. We listened to a wedding morning playlist, drank coffee, and laughed. My cousins own the makeup and skin care store “glo limited” in Fayetteville Arkansas. They graciously offered to come to Little Rock and do the wedding party’s makeup. The hair dresser I used was from Jonesboro Arkansas and she was perky and did a great job with every ones hair. For lunch my grandmother provided the wedding party with smoothies from “Tropical Smoothie.” The smoothie company even artistically drew each lady’s name on their cup. Once we finally got ready, we had two photographers take pictures of us. One was a friend of my mother’s named Bob Fugate and the other was a friend from Arkansas Tech named Cambrey Watson. After pictures were finally over, it was time to line up for the processional and get married. The ceremony was all I could have imagined. My Uncle Chuck preformed the ceremony and said beautiful and encouraging words. Although it was beautiful, it was outside and close to ninety degrees. Due to the heat, my sister in-law passed out as my husband and I were exiting. Luckily, my father in-law noticed she was not doing well and gracefully went up to the stage, picked her up and walked off. Once Ben and I had exited, we had a candle light dinner in the estate’s wine cellar. After dinner we joined the reception for mingling and dancing. We danced the night away and drove to the capital hotel under the stars.

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My family setting up the cross at the ceremony site. 

Ben and I at the Capital Hotel after the wedding.