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For the past two years SAB has been putting on a fair for summer send off. I have been very impressed both times. They have had fun rides and carnival food. It is such a fun way to end the year. My favorite ride was the pharaoh boat. When you go up and down you stomach does a little flip. I love that feeling (at least when I and not sick). It was sad though because my boyfriend had just gotten off a spinning ride and was not doing so good, but he rode with me anyway. He is so sweet. We did have to leave the fair after that though. SAB great job! Keep up the good work.

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Spring Time

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. The weather was absolutely perfect. The sun was shinning and the pollen has finally retreated. As I was walking I realized days like this make days that are cold or rainy for grey worth it. All those times I have run to class to get out of the thunderstorm where worth every drop of rain because of the few days that it is so perfect. Days like that really remind me how much God loves us. I like to think that He took a paint brush and painted that perfect day.

Matthew 6:26:

Genesis 1:20-23:



New Life Church has a college ministry called Elevation. It meets on Wednesday nights at 8:30. This past Wednesday was our last get together before we leave for the summer. So to mix things up we decided to have a game night. We played dodgeball. Well, what I mean by we is that I set on the side lines while other people played. I have tragic memories of dodge ball as a child. Anyway it was so much fun being together with people you know love God and getting to build those relationship. You should come next semester and see what we are all about!


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The Capital Hotel

This past Monday I had an interview for an internship at the capital hotel. I had heard about the opportunity from Rachel Haynes who is a wedding planner. She was the first intern the capital hotel ever had. She told me that if I really wanted to get my foot in the door for corporate event planning than I needed to work for that capital hotel. They are known for their excellence. So I decided to send in my resume and ask for an interview. I met with the head of events person and the interview lasted a total of fifteen minutes! He was very nice and seemed excited to get me on board. I will be hearing back from him today to confirm if I will be interning there this summer or not. Fingers crossed!

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Over the past few months I have been really to learn how to cook as I have mentioned in previous blogs. So one of the things I made came off of Pinterest. It was called one-pot caprese pasta dinner. The ingredients are pasta, water, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, garlic cloves, salt, pepper, and mozzarella cheese. The dish was super easy to make and only took like thirty minutes. I put it with bread and salad and it served seven people and we had leftovers. It was very yummy and I highly recommend trying it.


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The Ring

My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married next summer. This summer we will be going through pre-engagement and engagement counseling. Ben wants to surprise me with my engagement ring so wanted me to do a little shopping long before it was time for him to propose. So I went and did some research on all I need to know about engagement rings. I went to Sissy’s where I was treated like I was a princess. It was so much fun. They showed me all the different shapes and cuts of a diamond and which one would look best on my hand. The one I want is called a radiant cut. I also found that I like a gold band with diamonds on the shank.

Diamond shapes guide:!4531!3!51558160313!e!!g!!diamond%20shape&ef_id=Vxfe3gAAAC8PpGjd:20160420195614:s

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Roommate issues.. 

So I have had 3 different roommates during my two years at college. Two of the girls I roomed with were of a different sexual orientation than myself which made things very awkward. So for this year I was very specific on what I wanted out of a roommate, but as we all know that life never does what you want it to do. So last spring I met with the girl that signed up to be my roommate and I told her that I needed things to be very clean because I’m OCD and can not concentrate when the room is a mess. She told me that she cleans daily and does a deep clean on Fridays. When she only half way moved in on move in day I knew we had a problem. She brought WAY to much stuff for a dorm room and did not clean. I mean she has washed her sheets once all year Ewwwww. The room smells bad and there is trash always on the ground. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through these last two weeks? 

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Sunday afternoons 

Here in Russellville Sunday’s are very slow. Most business’s are closed so the few that are open are always packed. Ben and I go out to lunch after church every Sunday because the cafeteria closes before church lets out. So we like to go to places like Cracker BarrelRuby Tuesday, and Steak n’ Shake. They are all very yummy but our favorite is Steak n’ Shake because it is a fun environment, really good food, and super cheap. My favorite meal there is the farm house burger with fried egg. I also I like to get the mint Oreo shake to top it all off! Yum 

The Ben Project 

Four years ago I started dating a boy named BJ. Let me discribed to you 2012 BJ. He was tall and skinny, he had messy brown hair, he wore cargo shorts that were to big with shirts that were to small, and to top the look off he wore his blue and yellow basketball shoes. So as you can see it was really quite the look. None the less he was adorable, confident, and fun. So I said sign me up! So I knew I wanted to be apart of this cute boys life, but I was wanted to promote style while dating him. So it was was painful. I would describe the endever similar to teeth ripping. BUT, 4 years later this man not only changed his look but also his name to Ben. He is now the most handsome man I know but still the same confident, adorable, and fun. 

Ladies need some tips on how to change your mans look:

5 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better


Is Sight Essential? part 2

So as yall know I had an eye infection. It was painful and annoying. I had no idea how absolutly helpless I would be without my eyes. I could not walk by myself, I couldn’t do homework, I couldn’t get in bed, I even had a hard time eating. I had a bref glimps of what it would be like to be blind. I have so much respect for the blind now. How helpless they must feel on a day to day basis yet they keep going. I kept thinking back to those days when my mom would ask me what I was thankful for and I could not come up with anything worth mentioning. Now I will always remeber how thankful I am for the things I take for granted like my sight.

Thanfulness quotes: quote #1      quote #2