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Cooking tools

So as I shared in my last post I am learning to cook. I am also moving out of the dorms and into an apartment next year. This means I will have a kitchen and a need for cooking utensils. So over spring break my grandmother took me out to get my first few things for my first kitchen!! So she got me a 17 piece set of Pyrex pans. My favorite piece is the pie pan. It’s so pretty and i feel like a cute wife that can make pies now! My grandmother also got me some mixing bowls from Sam’s. I finally feel like a real adult! No more playing house. I have my own! It’s an exciting time. 

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cooking 101

So over spring break my mom decided it was high time for me to learn how cook. So that is what I did. I learned how to make chocolate pie, coconut pie, lasagna, king ranch chicken and several other yummy things. The hardest thing I learned how to do was how to separate the yolk from the whites. There are two ways to do it. The first is just to crack an egg open and then dump the yolk back and fourth until the white has all fallen into a bowl or you can use a special tool that pampered chef makes that allows you to dump the yolk and the whites through it and it will separate it for you. I much prefer the pampered chef tool.

Want the pampered chef tool? egg separator

Want a yummy coconut pie recipe? Coconut Pie recipe


Ocko’s Food truck

Okay by far the best part of my spring break was when Ocko came to my driveway! who is Ocko? Well, he is the owner of a habachi food truck. My mom had the brilliant idea that we could have him cook for my little brother’s birthday party. It was so fun to get to see the inside of a food truck and it was so yummy. He made us egg rolls, chicken, stake, shrimp, vegetables, and of course fried rice. My favorite was the egg rolls. Ocko said that his sweet wife had hand rolled them special for us.

Do you want to ocko to come to your house? number to call

Want to know more about his food? reviews

John and Jess’s Wedding

Over spring break I went to two weddings. The first was for John and Jess. They are both dear friends of mine and Jess asked to help with food. So I helped with put the food together and set it out and overall just made sure that there were no food problems. The catering was done by Stobys in Russellville. The food was amazing and it really helped me personally realize I love event planning and helping people enjoy the best day of their life. Who knows, I might become a wedding planner. I am excited to see what time with bring.

What to know what would be involved with becoming a wedding planner?


Study tips

Okay people who has a hard time studying? Me! I have a learning disability and have spent my whole life doing everything I can to overcome this struggle. So her is what I do to get the grades I want: 1. Start studying for a test a week in advance. 2. Start out easy, read through all material 3. Compile a study guide with the most important info. 4. Study small sections of the study guide and then take a break. 5. Make sure you are in a quiet place. 6. Lastly make sure you go over the material the morning of. Today it was so fabulous outside I took my convertible out to the lake and set in the shade and studied. It was productive and relaxing. 

Here are some other studying tips:





For the past week is has been raining cats and dogs. So today when I woke up and saw the weather forecast I could have jumped for joy. It felt like summer time all day. It was absolutely perfect. I walked to class in a tank top and jeans and wished I was in shorts. Arkansas weather is crazy. As I mentioned it was rainy all last week and now all of a sudden its hot. Sadly starting tomorrow it will start to get colder again. However even though it will get cold again I am left with a reminder of how wonderful summer is and how I can’t wait for it to be “Sunny and 75.”



When I was twelve years old I lived in Spanish Fort, Alabama  for 11 months. My dad had moved us due to hard times and needing a new job. I did not want to live in Alabama I liked my life in Little Rock and I did not see the reason for having to leave. Looking back it is still hard to figure out exactly why we left and came back so quickly. I hated it in Alabama. You would think that for a girl that loves the outdoors wouldn’t mind living 30min from the beach, but I had no friends. I went to public school for about 3 months and then my mother pulled me out because several of my teachers were on the edge of being verbally abusive to me and others. Because I had been taken out of school it became that much harder to make friends. I cried at least three times a week. I think that that had much to due with why we came home within 11 months. I feel bad for this regularly. My dad really enjoyed working for Thompson Engineering and I will never know if I messed his happiness up for wanting to live in Little Rock.

Disney Lovin

Ever since I was a little girl I have absolutely loved Disney! I love everything about it. I love Disney Land and Disney World pretty much every Disney movie and game. That love has only grown as I have gotten older. As we speak I am watching The Lion King. And I know it is weird but I spent $1 extra for tissue that had Frozen characters on it. I have a cup that has Ariel on and a shirt with beauty and the beast on it. I am crazy about all things Disney. I am so excited for Finding Dory to come out this summer! Do you love Disney? 


Arbonne Protein Shakes

Okay guys, I know everyone is trying to figure out what the right protein shake for them is and I have the answer! Arbonne Protein shakes! They come in chocolate and vanilla. They are way yummy and healthy for you! Many people do not know that whey and soy protein are not a good choice. They promote kidney stones, read more about that here: Arbonne uses pea protein in place of whey and soy. I drink a protein shake for breakfast every morning. You can just shake it up with water or coconut milk. Or you can blind it with milk and fruit for something more exciting. Want to buy some? Arbonne 


Baby Andrew

My youngest brother will be 15 on March 19th and is a 8th grader at Baptist Prep! I cannot believe it. Even though she is almost ready to take the wheel I still call him Baby Andrew. He is the sweetest little boy you will even know. He is helpful and kind. He loves me so much. After the Miss ATU pageant he was so proud of me he took me out to breakfast with his own money! He loves to laugh with me or make fun of our other brother. He is one of my very best friends. I am constantly amazed by how wise he is. He is only 15 and he continually remind me of God sovereignty. When he knows I am struggling he reminds me of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 which says God comforts us in times of trouble.