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Hair and Makeup

So the only way I was able to do so well in the two pageants I was in was because of Miss Heather and my cousin Leah. Heather did all my hair. She did amazing! I would go out on stage and then run back stage and she would fix my hair up and I would run out again. Same goes for Leah. She would fix my makeup while heather did my hair. The stress was so fun. I loved getting to know these women better and I was so thankful they were able to help get through those crazy moments. I could not have done it without them.

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Miss Greater Jacksonville part 2

Okay so here is what happened: So first of all the night before the pageant the director told me I needed another dress for the opening and on stage question. So I got one that just wasn’t right. Next I was contestant number 1. So I did not have anything to base how to things on. Next the stage was so small that I felt like I was on top of the judges whiting pleasant in a swim suit.. then came talent. My music didn’t work and I stood on stage waiting for a silent three minutes. Then they took me off the stage and sent me back on and finally just played my song through a mic from a phone. It was awful. After that I knew there was no way for me to win to I lost my fun spirit. So evening gown was fine but not great. So obviously I did not win and left feeling embarrassed.

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Miss Greater Jacksonville

So on to my next pageant. Lets just say the only thing that went well was interview. From that point on it went from bad to worse. After completing Miss ATU I was planning on only doing one more, Miss Lake Dardanelle. However I was called by the director of Miss Greater Jacksonville and asked to compete in that pageant. The director was one of my judges in Miss ATU and was impressed with it being my first competition. So I talked it over with my coach and mom and we decided to give it a go. We thought that If for nothing else it would be good practice. And it turns out it wasn’t much better than practice. Want to hear how it went? Read my next blog!

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Pageant World

So at this point I have competed in two pageants. In this blog I talk about the Miss Arkansas Tech pageant. As I have mentioned this was my first pageant even. This may not seem like a big deal but in comparison it was like never taking a dance class in my life and then decided to dance in a national dance competition. The girls in pageants are prepared and very intelligent. So it was a crazy scary experience, but I loved it. I loved getting to voice my opinions in the interview and I liked walking with confidence on stage. I ended up wining the swimsuit competition, highest GPA award and second runner up. So overall it was an amazing experience and I went on to compete in Miss Greater Jacksonville.

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Valentines Day dinner

For my three year anniversary/Valentines day date dinner Ben took me to Loca Luna. This is a restaurant near downtown Little Rock. It has a fun atmosphere and amazing food. They had a Valentines special that included cheese dip, two entrees, and two desserts. The cheese dip had corn in it which was new to me, but was none the less amazing. Ben and I both got the steak with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies for our entree. Finally we got creme brûlée and chocolate turtle cake. All of the food was so yummy and we will be going back many more times because they had amazing food, great service, and a fun atmosphere. Also if you are looking for other fun date night spots try The Pantry.


Valentines day fun

As we all know yesterday was Valentines day. It also happens to be my boyfriend and I’s anniversary. As of yesterday we have been dating for three years. Let me just say thats a LONG time to be dating and also I do not recommend it. If you have found your man and are financially stable just go ahead and get married. Unfortunately for me we are mostly broke so we will continue dating till that changes. Anyways on to my story. Yesterday Ben took me to The Painted Pig. This is a place you can paint your own pottery. We decided to paint a hart shaped plate in honor of the holiday. We painted it pink with red poka-dots and in black paint we wrote “Forever in Love.” So I’m pretty confident that it will be the prettiest plate that was ever painted;) All in all we had so much fun and a plate to prove it. If you are interested in an arts and crafts date you should also try  Spirited Art!


Benny boo boo bear 

Okay so yesterday was valentines. As valentines goes you typically have a great day or a awful day. Luckily for me I have a long time boyfriend and therefore it was a great day. He is a very gifted in gift giving. He always gets me something really nice and I always love it. However he had never done the cheesy boyfriend gifts. So he took this valentines to do that for me. He got a some chocolates, date night ideas, a nick-nack with our picture on it, a plack that read “God gave me you, Ben and Grace,” and finally my absolute favorite a giant teddy bear!! This bear is the size of a 5 year old. It is awesome! So last night I through it up on my lofted twin bed and slept with the bear. I named him Benny boo boo bear after the movie how to lose a guy in 10 days.  

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The Learning Tower of Pisa 

When I was in the eleventh grade I went on a mission trip to Italy. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to the Tower of Pisa. You would think that the town that that well known of a monument would be pretty big right? Nope. It was the smallest town I went to while in Italy. Most of the town is the gated off area where the tower is. My dad is a structural engineer so it was incredible to see a tower is still standing but leans like that. It is an unbelievable sight and it should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. 
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So like most of us my high years could be compared to a seemingly never ending roller coaster. Also like most high schoolers I hated my mom. Like I tried very hard to speak to her at little as possible. Looking back I see that I was obviously ridiculous, but I also realize that my mom is only human and made mistakes too. I wish I had checked out this resource while in high school: Rules of high school. However, now that I don’t live with my mom we are absolutely best friends:)) We talk and laugh at least once a day. So high schoolers go hug your mom she is only human and has been there too. So now my mom is my best friend and here is a hilarious video that discribes is pretty well! When your mom is your best friend 


Roy part 2

Okay so after a few weeks my dad found a new engine to put into the truck. However, it took about 6 months for the new engine to be put in and by that time I really needed a car and my bother was turning sixteen and also needed a car. So my very generous daddy got me a new car and gave Rush, my brother, the truck. I got a black convertible Sebring! I would let the top down and listen to the Country Top 30. It was a teenage girls dream come true! I named the car Liz. I absolutely love my car. Do you want a Sebring now? Follow this link: