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Evening Gown

I am so excited for the evening gown part of the Miss Arkansas Tech pageant. I love getting all dolled up and wearing an outrageously expensive dress only once. I feel like a princess every time a get a chance to wear a beautiful dress, which lets be honest is the dream of every girl no matter her age. In the past I have worn some lovely gowns, but I have had two favorites. One is ruby red and the other I like to call my frozen dress. They were both for school dances. One was for Baptist Prep and the other was for Comm. Central Homeschool


Since I was a little girl I have loved to sing. I would sing for anyone that would listen. I sang in church, school, and plays up until I graduated high school. I took voice lessons for many years and loved every minute. I had hoped to major in music in college, but after taking the AIMS testing, I became aware that a career in music was not for me. However, I still love to sing and felt lost without it on a regular basis. The Miss Arkansas Tech pageant would be a perfect chance for me to sing in public again. I will be singing “Orange Colored Sky” by Natalie Cole. Come to the pageant and support me on February 19th in Witherspoon auditorium. Check out these videos of me singing in the past: Disney Medley and Graduation Choir FullSizeRender

Miss Arkansas Tech

On February 19th I will be competing for in the Miss Arkansas Tech competition. I have never done a pageant before and I am beyond excited! I will get to wear beautiful dresses and a cute swim suit. This is the order the pageant: first ten minute interviews during the day, when the evening starts the first thing that will happen is on stage question, following that will be swim suit, next will be talent, and finally evening gown. I scared to death to walk around on stage with a swim suit on, but somehow I have to figure out how to walk with confidence! None the less, I have been working out everyday since I decided to participate so I hope that will help. In my next blog I’ll tell you about my talent:) Here are the links to the Miss Arkansas Tech infotmation page: Miss Arkansas Tech and here is the link to the miss Arkansas information page: Miss Arkansas . Here is a seek peek to my hair for the pageant swim suit:  



Kate is my 14 year old cousin. Her birthday was just a few days ago. Kate reminds me of sunshine. She has strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and a firery personality. She has made me laugh from day 1. When she was a baby she would put bananas on her hairless head and then later pluck them off and tosh them in her mouth. Now she does these hilarious impression of Miranda sings. This is a link to Kate’s favorite Miranda sing’s video: Video. She is also little bitty, but this doesn’t stop her! She is a lobero on her schools volleyball team.  This is a link to the storm volleyball team she is on: Storm Volleyball. Overall I think she is just so cute and can always make me laugh.  



This past Wednesday I gave up my essentials. I had no phone, no ipad, no computer, and no TV for the day (other than for class and work). I turned my phone off and put it in my drawer right before midnight on Tuesday evening. When I woke up the next morning I rolled over to check my emails and remembered it wasn’t there. I immediately felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. Then I got out of bed to get ready for the day and thought “I should take notes about me day on my phone.” Then I laughed at myself remembering I couldn’t use my phone to take notes on having no phone. Every morning while I’m putting on my makeup I listen to a few chapters of the bible from However, since I couldn’t use my computer I had to read my chapters, which added time to my getting ready process. Once I finally got ready and left the room I walked to class passing people with their heads down looking at there phones. When I got in the building my classmates where standing in the hall checking their phones while I counted the ceiling tiles. Even though one might think that the people with the phones were isolating themselves from the world, I was the one that felt isolated without a phone. I felt awkward. Once I got out of class I wanted to call my mom and tell her how my day was going and then again had the sad realization that I had no phone to call her. Then I thought well then I’ll just text a friend and see what he is up too, and once AGAIN I realized “Grace you have no phone.” So overall I felt completely detected form society. I think that day helped me realize how dependent I am on a phone and it scared me. Maybe I’ll try a no phone day again soon and see if I have any different thoughts. Here is a link to a video that explains the problems that occur when you look at a screen before sleep:



I love to read! Well.. let me rephrase that, I love to listen to books read to me. I am an awful reader, but I love learning and reading so I had to come up with a plan B. When I was little I would get a audiobook for every holiday. I only got them on holidays because audio books are REALLY expensive. I then tried to find books to listen to books off of youtube, but then youtube figured out that was basically illegal and blocked those online books. After that I decided to just hand over the money and buy several audio books off of iTunes. Sadly, I eventually ran out of book money and was left without any books to listen to.  But then! I stumbled about the best app ever!!! It is called OverDrive.  The app connects you to your local library’s stock of ebooks and audiobooks for absolutely free! I literally listen to one to two books a week.  Here are the links to get the app and the Russellville library: OverDrive App  and Russellville Library

Italian Food 

When I was a junior in high school I went to Florence Italy! It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I went with my school on a mission trip. If you want to know more about the purpose my trip here is a YouTube video that will explain it: . I want to tell you about Italian food! Italy is known for good food! Here is a website that gives you a few of their yummy recipes: . Italy makes everything from scratch. Nothing is from a box or processed. You by it in the market or you grow it in your back yard. Therefore, even though the foods are rich and full of carbs they are healthier for you than food from the U.S. When I was in Italy I ate a LOT of food, but because the food was not processed I actually lost weight. One of the yummy things I ate was a enormous pizza! Also the restaurant would not allow people to split so they gave me this whole pizza!  Oh and yes those are french fries on the pizza. 


Arbonne protein shakes 

For breakfast we all want a healthy EASY supplement to replace the sugary processed cereal we might otherwise eat. Well protein shakes are the answer! I’m sure you have heard of or tried different protein shakes. So what makes ones better than another? Well first of all stop eating whey protein! It is really hard to digest and in some cases reported to cause kidney stones. It has also been reported to have an unhealthy amount of heavy metals. Whey protein problems So what can you replace whey protein with? Vegan protein! That includes: pea protein, cranberry protein, and rice protein. These are ingredients to the Arbonne protein powder. Did I mention it is really yummy!? Are you ready to  buy? Just go to this website and choose chocolate or vanilla: Buy your arbonne protein powder! 


Free stuff! 

I am a district manager with Arbonne. It is like the best job. I am my own boss and I get to pick my own hours. I even have my own website:! It’s been so fun! Arbonne is a company that strives for excellenence, so they are great to their consultants. Whenever you sell a certain amount of product the company gives you a reward. These rewards consist of free product or cash bonuses and trips! I have only gotten to enjoy the free products so far. Today I received a free skin care set that is valued at $400! It was like a late Christmas gift. They also have a great customer service team. They are all easy to understand and always happy to help until other customer services. Also if you are looking for a yummy protein shake Arbonne has one! Here is a yummy recipe for the protein shake: Arbonne protein shakes. Thank for reading:) 


College Tour 

Brad Paisley is one of my all time favorite country singers. You can find some basic facts about him and his achievements on This summer he traveled to many different college football games around the U.S. where he preformed a FREE concert! The tour was sponcered by Zaxby’s I had the privilege of going to his concert in Little Rock after a Arkansas Razorback game. It was by far the most enjoyable concert I’ve ever been to. I liked Brad Paisley before the concert tour but now I am one of his biggest fans! I have so much respect for him. He give up his time and the money he could have made by charging for the concert. However, he didn’t charge and made it possible for so many to enjoy a evening of relaxation. Thanks Brad!